What are Omniwear pieces?

Well, obviously OMNI comes from OMNISS or the other way round (shsh!)

Truth to be told, as a designer I was always obsessed with functionality in my designs. Once I designed a triangular dress that would 'unfold' and 'transform' and then I made a dress with magnetic  unfolding  fabric rose ( and that went terribly wrong) but essentially the idea was always OWN LESS - WEAR MORE. 

Eventually Francisco and I developed what I call 'omniwear' pieces the pieces with multi-wear option without the usual hassle that fashion transformations come with: one moment you are like 'wow, I want it' and the next moment you realise you need the whole fashion team at home to get into it and out of it. Duh

The idea is not only to have the  pieces made from sustainable materials in sustainable way but also change the relationship we have with our clothes and wardrobe. In short, you buy one good pair of  trousers and then you wear it in multiple ways or you invest in one jacket and by changing collars you can achieve different looks. 

Maybe I am just a romantic dreamer but if I love something I want to keep it. Forever. 

Are you a romantic dreamer like me?

Yours truly,