Life beyond the perfect: fashion made from dead stock fabrics and off-cuts

We quickly learnt in our first few years in fashion that at the end of each season even with the most efficient production planning and stock management, brands big or small end up with production ‘leftovers’ : these are often referred to as dead stock and/or offcuts fabrics. This can be big enough to run a small production run (which what most of our products are made of) or too little to make even smaller batch of products. Over the years, looking at these piles of fabric in our studio, mainly made in Europe ‘leftovers’, Francisco and I decided to experiment with one-off pieces made entirely from off-cuts and deadstock.

Dead stock fabric patchwork shirt

Of course, this means more challenge at all stages, from pattern-cutting e.g., aligning pieces and thinking of alternative finishing, to making sure product page can communicate to customers that no piece will look the exact same as the photo and the story behind the shirt.

The Wave Collection was the first one to feature these but as we grow our range and fabric variations, we will have more 'to play' with.  


These pieces are not perfect, or at least they are not perfect in the traditional understanding of luxurious perfect. But we like to think that their perfection is in romantic stories of each meter carefully sourced, reclaimed and rescued and the makers love involved in putting the ‘creative’ puzzle together. The very opposite of mass production, very slow fashion. One off a kind and unique - for dreamers, zeitgeists, and visionaries.