Who made your clothes?

At OMNISS we believe that clothes are more than just pieces of fabric stitched together.  I will tell you why: some of our most favourite pieces in our own wardrobes were clothes handed down to us from our parents and grandparents, others were vintage finds at markets and charity shops.I remember one of the first gifts Francisco gave me was a oversized men's knitted cardigan that he found in charity shop in San Francisco. My personal favourites, true gems of my wardrobe, are Gucci trousers from 90s (the pattern-cutting, just wow) and a beautiful tailored Armani jacket that we jokingly call 'the CEO jacket'.
From the day one of rolling out the pattern paper on a communal dining table in my student halls, we were guided with this awareness of quality of making, where every seam is there for a reason and clothes are cut with care and purpose.
If you are on this page you are most probably aware of the sad stories that circulate in fashion world about manufacturers, factory workers and the good/bad of production practises. You can learn more about this first hand at Fashion Revolution website HERE.
We encourage you to challenge us and to ask questions about what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We are a small brand which gives us more control over decisions and processes that go into making of our products but our size is not the only reason why we work in the way we work, mainly it is because we want and choose to work like that. For now, the advantages of being small is that every piece of clothing is very personal to us: quite literally that means that often you might receive that very t-shirt I stitched the label on myself or you might receive the trousers Francisco overlocked overnight. This means you receive the best quality and the most positive energy we can give you in gratitude for your purchase. 
Watch this video to see some of the faces of women-led factories in Armenia (hey, that's where I am from :)) that help us to make our vision come to life.
I tend not to make promises about future  but there are few things I am sure of OMNISS pieces are not going to end up on landfill because  we will give you the design that will live beyond the trend and quality which will allow you to fall in love with your pieces, take good care of them and hand them down to generations to come.